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Mark Heller
October 18, 2020

We rented the 21’ deck boat from Fish N’ Fun, and had a great time. We called last minute, the morning of the day we wanted to rent it. We kind of fly by the seat of our pants. Captain Ray was very accommodating. He dropped his plans that afternoon to squeeze our group in. He taught us about the boat, explained the rules/laws, and made sure we felt comfortable taking a boat out on the ocean, before he let us go out. We had a great time snorkeling and exploring on our own. We will definitely be back, when we get back to the keys. Thank you so much Captain Ray and also the lady who was so nice on the phone. (Her name escapes me. 😢) Mark H

Robert Apodaca
September 27, 2020

Captain Ray was awesome! He set us up with a nice boat, Bimini top, 200hp motor and told us where to snorkel, where to cruise, where to have lunch. 8 of us in the boat, had a blast. It was cheaper for us to have the boat all day (8-4) than to go on a 3 hr snorkeling cruise with the resort. Memories for a lifetime!

Robert Edwards
August 17, 2020

We rented a boat from here and Capt.Ray checked us in and all I can say is he is a professional. He explained everything we needed to know about the boats operation and where we should go to enjoy our day. Highly recommend.

October 16, 2020

Ray was great! The price for our day boat was very reasonable, and we had an awesome day on the water!

Michael McDougald
July 10, 2020

Want to thank Ray and Fish n Fun for our experience with the SeaHunt Escape during the week of 6/20/20 - 6/27/20. This was our 4th year renting this specific boat from them and it worked out perfect once again for our 8 people. The pickup on the 1st day and the drop off on the last day were both super fast and easy. We are avid boaters in Florida waters so we’re perfectly aware that unfortunate things can occur even when your doing everything right. On the last day we grazed an unknown submerged object and the leading edge of one prop blade was damaged beyond repair. Just like in my own boats I knew I had bought the prop. I was expecting to have to pay for the prop and hub and that was fine. Just like at home and just like in my boats I would be paying as expected. What I did not expect was the call the next day from Ray letting me know that he had removed and examined the hub and that he felt the hub was fine and would not be included in the charge. WOW!!!! A boat rental company that cares so much to do the work to remove the hub to inspect instead of just charging the customer. In Florida, that type of service is way above my expectations. Then Ray informed me of the replacement price of the Prop. I have purchased many a Prop over the years and I know how much pain in the butt labor can be involved when it doesn’t pull easily and I can say what Fish n Fun charged me was about 30% less than what it would have cost me to just order the prop from West Marine. Fish n fun has been and will continue to be the only Marathon area boat rental company I use. It’s customer service like mentioned above and countless other things about them that keep us coming back to them for our boat rental needs. Boats and boating is expensive and trailering our own 350 miles has proved in the past to be about the same cost as a weekly rental from Ray once I add in all the things you always repair / upgrade/ service before a long trip. Just changing out 4 sets of bearings and throwing on 4 tires adds up to the first 3 days of the rental at fish n fun. It’s a no brainer for me. PS. If you don’t understand how the Florida tourism industry works with reviews let me tell you. Their are shady groups of employers that reward their employees for bashing competitors on the reviews. It happens all over Orlando all the way down to the keys. So don’t always believe the reviews that are so over the top ridiculous. Businesses that have been in business for many many years don’t keep it going by pissing people off. It just doesn’t happen that way. Read the reviews of people that continue to utilize the business’s services. They are the true reviews. In

Fish ‘n Fun Boat & Watersports Rentals

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1149 Greenbriar Rd, Marathon, FL 33050, USA

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