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Jane Atchison
September 16, 2020

I woke up this morning and air conditioner not working. I called All Time Air at 8 am. I was promised a visit between 1 and 3 pm. Brian called at said he was running early. The repair was made quickly and the cool air restored by noon. I originally contacted this company 23 months ago when our very old air conditioning went out at 4:00 pm on Friday afternoon. They came out and fixed the system and quoted us a much needed new system that evening. The new system was installed on Tuesday. We are very pleased with the prompt service we receive from All Time Air.

Johnny Lyons
August 25, 2020

All Time Air Conditioning installed a new unit for us in 2014 and we have been with them ever since. In 2016 they sent technician Moe to us and I can’t say enough positive things about him. He’s knowledgeable, friendly, fair and does what he can to keep our A/C working smoothly. We have requested Moe for four years now - and will continue to do so - because it’s important to find somebody that you can trust in this industry.

Drew Fator
October 15, 2020

No issues with the company from a quality of work perspective, though I have a big issue with how they are handling my multiple maintenance agreements. I have 3 separate units that each have a yearly maintenance contract. I have asked them multiple times to let me know if any of the units are overdue for service since I don't live at any of them and need to rely on my tenants to set up the times. I am finding that, each time I call to check on the status of the units, one or more of the them is significantly overdue for service, and no one has bothered to let me know. Asking for notifications is not unreasonable, especially when I have multiple units; however, I was met with indifference by the woman who answered my call, who advised that "it's just a courtesy to let you know," meaning it's no big deal if they don't. I have to reconsider whether I want to keep giving this company $500-$1K each year like I have been for several years now.

Margot Burrall
May 15, 2020

I was very impressed with the AC Tech MO that was sent to my home. He was extremely educated and knew exactly what needed to be done AND explained everything to me SO Helpful. Answered all my questions and simply put a really nice person. I had a bunch of AC companies calling me to sign up for their maintenance offer which some were giving discounts due to timing. However due to Mo's expertise and professionalism I signed with them! Her is an Excellent asset to your company All Time!!

Sammy Chaps
August 21, 2020

Edit: Apologies, I meant to write a review but got sidetracked. To answer the business' response below in a nutshell: I was initially quoted a several thousand dollar repair. Then 3 tech visits, one week, and a portable AC purchase by me later it turned out to only be a few hundred dollar repair. That was.. fine, I wish I hadn't gone a week without AC, with pets sweltering in 90+ degree heat, and 2 different techs needing to assess the system 3 times. Also the first tech has other reviews where he recommends a full overhaul of the compressor up front (thousands of dollars). My biggest issue was that I had to initiate all the communication - followups, tech appointments, info as to what the problem was, every phone call was initiated by me, even if I was told I'd be getting a call "tomorrow morning" by late that same afternoon I was the one calling because no call ever came. This business comes highly rated, and to their credit every staff member was polite, courteous, and professional, and I can understand problems because of COVID-19. I just didn't want to have to wait and wait and be the only one ever initiating any conversation over and over in order to, as it turned out, get a quick fix done on my AC during the summer in FL.

All Time Air Conditioning

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2940 NW Commerce Park Dr #12, Boynton Beach, FL 33426, USA

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